Braiding Machines KiKo is part of Martenichki KiKo LTD.

Martenichki KIKO Ltd. started its business in 1998 with an entirely manual production and retail sales of martenitsi. The company name is then Express Market ET

2001 – manufacturing and wholesale martenitsi.

2002 – begins annually distributes free more than 50,000 martenitsi children in the Plovdiv region.

2003 – automated production martenitsi cords and shoelaces. The company offers consignment across the country.

2004 – production of ropes to Ф6mm.

2005 – Company “Martenichki Kiko” LTD.

2006 – production of ropes to Ф12mm.

2007 – Import of beads, silk, polyester and all the necessary raw materials for the production of ropes.

2008 – purchase of own base for the production of ropes (2000 sq m land and 600 square meters building)

2012 – production of ropes to Ф28mm.

2013 – purchase of high – multibraided – machines and supplies. Maintenance and repair of machines for the production of ropes.

2014 – production of ropes to Ф36mm. Broaden the base for the production of ropes (additional 3000 m2 land area).

2015 – production of ropes to Ф40mm. As of June 2015 the company has 5000 square meters own land. In the process of purchasing a new 2000 m2 land.


We offer a wide range of braiding machines, spare parts, accessories, supplies,

as well as aftersales service for European countries .

In our assembly factory we offer machine customizations to meet your specification and requirements.

Below is a list of some of the machines that can be bought from us:
– rope braiding machine,
– carrier braiding machine,
– high speed braiding machine,
– sleeve braiding machine,
– cable braiding machine,
– twisted rope braiding machine,
– elastic belt braiding machine,
– fancy rope braiding machine,
– automatic bobbin winding machine,
– shoelace and gift bag rope tipping machine



Address: Industrial Area – North, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


+359 894 61 99 61

+359 888 66 21 75

Contact: Mr. Ruslan Yordanov


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