Fully Automatic Bobbin Winder.

– The machines are equipped with computer control

– Automatic stop when winding the bobbin

– Automatic change of full bobbin empty

– Capacity notches – 30pcs

– Bobbin wound uniform


Loading machine with the same size coils, it can work for hours without the need for human intervention.

This kind of machines facilitate the production process and significantly reduced costs.

Downloading multibraided machine with uniform wound bobbin, it can work day and night without stopping for days.




Keeping the number of employees, the replacement of old machines with new,

production capacity is lifted more than ten times!



GBQ3800-1   –   “AA” Ф43х113   &   “A”  Ф48х140

GBQ3800-2   –      “A” Ф48х140   &   “B” Ф48х140

GBQ3800-3   –    “AB” Ф58х180   &   “CD” Ф70х210

GBQ3800-4   –       “D” Ф100х330   &   “E” Ф70×300




Model Head Qty Power(kw) Measurement(mm) Suitable bobbin
GBQ-3800-1 2 0.37 1050×480×1000 AA, A, AB, B, BC
GBQ-3800-2 2 0.37 1300×500×1100 AA, A, AB, B, BC
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