HB115 Series High Speed Metal Hose Braiding Machine


Range of Products: Wire and cable enhancement layer weaving, plumbing hose, pressure hose, auto hose, spray hose, metal hose, rubber hose, explosion proof hose. Suitable for braiding materials: stainless steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, copper  wire, textile yarns, etc.


Model HB Spindle Qty Braiding Range Measurement(mm) Power(kw) Max.Horngear Speed(rpm) Bobbin Size(mm)
115B-24 24 ≤Φ25mm 1370×730×1650 1.1 250 Φ63×170
115B-36 36 ≤Φ40mm 1520×1000×1780 2.2 250 Φ63×170
115B-48 48 ≤Φ50mm 1650×1400×1900 1.5 250 Φ63×170
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